Swindon Catholic Deanery



Our website brings together the resources of the Swindon Catholic Deanery and provides information about Deanery-wide activities.  Most of the parishes and schools within the deanery have excellent websites of their own, and you will find links to them in these pages.

Recently released!
The Swindon Deanery Justice & Peace Group's Jan-Mar 2018 Newsletter is now out, featuring brief articles on the Swindon Foodbank and on RISE Theatre's production "Romero - Heartbeat of El Salvador."  Click here to see the one page newsletter.


Women's World Day of Prayer  

Rescheduled for Friday 6th April at 10am in the Friend’s Meeting House (Quakers) Eastcott Hill.  All Welcome.

St Joseph's Reunions

⇒ 21/04/18, 7.30pm, The Kings, SN1 4AB. Class of 1983 (for those who are 50 or will be aged 51 by the end of August) 

⇒ 29/09/18. Class of 1969 (for those who are 60 between September 2017 and August 2018).

For further details contact: Krystyna Bartoszewska (nee Bujas) 07988714456