Swindon Catholic Deanery

Justice & Peace Group

The Swindon Deanery has had a Justice & Peace group for more than fifteen years. Over the years the membership and the campaigns have changed, but the enthusiasm has never wavered. The group is about a dozen strong.  J&P group members and the local CAFOD parish reps work very closely together.

Our Group Chair is Steve Aftelak.

J&P Newsletter

The J&P Group publishes a newsletter every quarter with a wide circulation.  Each issue contains a diary of upcoming events, a list of contact people in each parish, and brief articles on local issues or J&P activities. Click below for our recent issues:



Meetings are open to all. Just turn up – you will be most welcome. Our meetings are always short and very focused on action. Members come to the meetings they can make, and contribute to the events that they feel worth their time.

Meeting dates for 2018 are as follows.  They are held on Wednesday evenings from 7:30pm.  Please click on Contact Us to request details of the venue.

  • Wednesday January 3rd
  • Wednesday February 21st
  • Monday March 19th
  • Wednesday April 11th
  • Wednesday May 9th
  • Wednesday June 6th
  • Wednesday July 4th
  • No August meeting
  • Wednesday September 5th
  • Wednesday October 3rd
  • Wednesday November 7th
  • Wednesday December 5th


Our Activities

Refugee BBQ July 2011 at Lydiard ParkWhat sort of things do we do? Here is a flavour - in the last eighteen months we have run a Peace Hour, provided a large barbeque for refugees and asylum seekers in Lydiard Park, and we have given lifts to refugees and their families to a town pantomime.  We also promote CAFOD World Gifts in the run up to Christmas.