Knights of St Columba

The Knights of St Columba is the largest Order for Catholic laymen in the United Kingdom and, through the International Alliance of Catholic Knights, throughout the world.

The Knights of St Columba is the largest Order for Catholic laymen in the United Kingdom and, through the International Alliance of Catholic Knights, throughout the world. It is an organisation of Catholic men who have joined together to serve the Church, their fellow men and each other in charity and fraternity. It is organised in about 450 local councils, including Swindon, grouped into some 30 Provinces who are all represented on a Supreme Council.

The Knights of St Columba’s Annual Sponsored Walk

The Knights of St Columba are holding their 40th annual sponsored walk at Coate Water Park, Swindon on Sunday 20th September starting at 2pm. It is in aid of the Prospect Hospice and the Knights’ own disabled fund. If you have a worthy cause of your own you may donate 50% of the funds you raise. So why not walk or sponsor someone to walk on what we hope will be a good day. Sponsor forms are available at all churches or by contacting Jim Donovan on 01793 723016. More details available on their Facebook page: Knights of St. Columba – Swindon



  1. We help our Parish Priest and other Parish organisations i.e. SVP, Legion of Mary etc., in carrying out practical work in the parish.
  2. We assist the Hierarchy in the organising of the diocesan and national activities of the Church.
  3. We help one another in sickness and in need. We care for our widows and dependents. We pray for the souls of our departed members.
  4. We care for the needs of our young people. We organise practical activities for them and activities that will promote their spiritual welfare and development.
  5. We organise social activities for members and their families through an active social committee.
  6. We constantly help each other in the practise of our faith through the Mass and other spiritual activities. We organise pilgrimages and retreats for our members.
  7. We are in the forefront of the apostolate of the laity. We actively take part in all national and local organisations of the Church when Catholic men are represented.
  8. We give active support to organisations, which promote virtue, respect for human life and the welfare of the family.
  9. We work to help solve social problems, such as unemployment and poverty, particularly among our fellow Catholics.
  10. We contribute to the material needs of other organisations through fund raising activities.

Further Information

For more information on the Knights of St Columba, please visit

For information on becoming a Knight of St Columba please contact: Bro Roger Dyson, Membership Secretary of the Swindon Council 225, Tel: 01793 721808

Recent Events

Deanery Sponsored Walk held at Coate Water Country Park,  September 2011:

“We were delighted to welcome over 100 walkers representing all the parishes of the Swindon Deanery with the incredible sum of over £5,000 collected so far with another £1,400 pledged.
The Sponsored Walk has become a much loved event in the Deanery calendar and every year gives people the opportunity to take part in a fun event while helping and supporting so many other charitable organizations in what they do for the poor and most vulnerable members of society.
This year, as in previous years, our main beneficiary will be the Prospect Hospital in Wroughton who will receive a gift from the Swindon Catholic community of £2,500. Every year we are deeply touched by the stories told by walkers whose lives have been enriched by the care and dignity provided by the staff of The Prospect Hospital for loved ones who have lost their battle with illnesses such as cancer.
We provide grants to support the youth of the Deanery through the Chaplaincy at St Joseph’s College to assist in bringing children to support the HCPT in Lourdes at Easter and also provide grants direct to the HCPT to sponsor the full cost of travel for one of their members.
Each year it is a great pleasure to provide assistance for the Catholic Handicap Fellowship; to fund the rent on a meeting place to enable them to come together in support and friendship of each other which, without the grant, they would be unable to do.
The Easter and Christmas posters provided every year to display in the homes of Deanery parishioners are paid for from the proceeds of the sponsored walk and distributed by members of the KSC.
Internationally we continue to support the educational needs of children in the developing world by direct sponsorship through organizations such as the Joe Homan Trust and by grants to individuals who take part in voluntary work in schools and hospitals in countries such as Rwanda and India. Where funds allow we give in response to emergency appeals made through aid agencies such as CAFOD for extraordinary events in regions hit by famine, flood and disease.
Every year participants can elect to nominate that 50% of the money they have personally raised can go to a charity, organization or event that they wish to support personally. Through this scheme groups such as LIFE, Alzheimer’s Society, Salvation Army, SVP and parish projects have all benefited.”